Why a swim cap?

Why a swim cap?

Hi Hairbrella Family!

I am thrilled to introduce THE new Hairbrella Swim Cap to our audience. We've had some truly exciting releases over the years, but I've been anticipating this one the most since our flagship product -- the Classic Rain Hat.

(☝️ Actual footage of my inner child's excitement about this launch!)

(☝️ Thinking of the terror that awaits me when my mom has to wash and detangle my hair later)

So, why a swim cap?

My vision is to create the most innovative and elevated hair coverings on the market. Even though we've launched various solutions for different scenarios in which you may want to protect your hair, the swim cap was the most daunting product to "reinvent".

Over the past two years, I was repeatedly told it was impossible to develop a non-silicon, comfortably fitting cap that could keep water out while allowing hair to remain protected, and even styled, underneath.

But, if you know me.. now I had a challenge to conquer. ;)

My Experience with Swim Caps:

I had given up on swim caps years ago. It was hard to believe that we were expected to don these rubber contraptions, only for water to seep in and ruin our hairstyles anyway! 😫

Besides, they were exceedingly tight and uncomfortable, pulling back my eyebrows and making me feel like an unwelcome member of the "Coneheads" family. I knew there had to be another way!

Therefore, I embarked on a journey to create a swim cap that was thoughtfully designed, comfortable, sleek, and genuinely effective!

Reason #1:

Like with our sleep caps and rain hats, I soon discovered why traditional swim caps had not met our needs. The manufacturing industry had neglected innovation in this area to cater to women who desired hair protection in any situation. Despite it taking a significant amount of time and more than 30 iterations, I am confident that we have nailed it.

Reason #2:

You guys asking for it!

It was evident that of all the "Hair Coverings", the swim cap was desperately in need of a "Hairbrella" makeover.

Some of you even started wearing our rain hats in the pool (casually giving me a heart attack because they weren't designed to be submerged). Your experience, however, encourages (and relieved) me, as it worked better than most swim caps.

It was clearly time to tackle this challenge and upgrade you all to the real deal!


(☝️ One of my favorite TikTok clips from a customer in the pool!)

(☝️ One of our investors, Arian Simone, testing the rain hat on a water slide with her hair pressed! I was shocked how well it worked. She told me to get on it and we got to work!)

Throughout the month, I'll share more about the process of creating this swim cap so you all can see what goes into designing a Hairbrella.

We start each one from scratch, aiming to address every frustration you've ever had with a product.

I can't wait to share!

In the meantime, be sure to order your swim cap before we release it to the public. We've decided to do a pre-sale for our Hairbrella community, as inventory will be very limited.

I'm excited for you all to try it! As always, thank you for being the fuel that keeps us going and growing. We appreciate you <3!


Talk soon,


Founder of Hairbrella

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