Protect Your Braids Like a Pro This Season! 💯

Protect Your Braids Like a Pro This Season! 💯

Hi Hairbrella Family!

It's that time of year again—braids season is back! Braids have always been a classic, super-cute protective style for the spring/summer months.

They stretched the time between my hair appointments but also made my workout routines manageable (IYKYK), simplified my mornings, and made traveling a breeze—both for business and leisure!

But here’s a little secret I've learned along the way: even protective styles need protection. 😩 That's right! Realizing the need for products that cater specifically to protective styles like braids inspired the wave of innovations you’ve seen from us since the pandemic began.

To help you maintain those beautiful braids, I’ve put together a Quick Reference Guide for the Braids Season. Here’s a sneak peek at some essentials every braids enthusiast needs:

1. Satin-Lined Bandana - I loved bandanas for my workouts and bike rides - but the friction caused by the cotton against my edges (esp with knotless braids) was not the move. I don't leave home without this one!

2. Satin-Lined Headband - Great for holding your braids back while putting on makeup, or taming those edges as your braids age. It’s been a lifesaver for me.

3. XL Hair Ties - Need I explain? LOL Finding hair ties that were durable and large enough to gather my braids was a chore! And when I did, they were worn out after a couple uses. So we got to work on finding a material that was waterproof (also hated soggy hair ties from the pool) and would fully recover after every use with heat  -  GUARANTEED. Clutch. I keep a couple of these in every bag I own. 💯

4. XL Sleep Cap - Another game changer - I realized that traditional scarves were even harder to keep on at night. The adjustable sleep cap not only stays secure but supports the weight of your braids while you sleep, minimizing root stress. Plus, its satin-lined band is a unique feature that helps keep your edges smooth and protected.

5. Swim Cap XL - For all the water babies, we haven’t forgotten about you! Our specially designed extra-large swim caps are made to fit comfortably over your braids, keeping them dry and protected while you enjoy the pool or beach. No more soggy, weighed-down braids after a swim!

6. Classic Rain Hat XL - While rain usually isn’t a major worry when you’re sporting braids, extended exposure can still dampen your day—literally! The XL Classic Rain Hat is designed to shield your braids from rain, saving you the hassle of washing and drying soggy braids. But the benefits don’t stop there; it also protects your hair from debris, sand, pollen, and the occasional unwelcome critter (trust me, some of the stories I’ve heard... not pretty! 🦟👀) With this hat, come rain or high water, your braids stay protected and pristine.

So, there you have it—your essential toolkit for braid season, or as my friend Kim Lewis perfectly put it, your essential guide to "function apparel for your hair." 👩🏽🦱✨

Each product was inspired by my personal journey and need for innovative, practicalstylish solutions in the ever-evolving world of hair care. I'm thrilled to share these game-changers with you, designed to make your braid experience as joyful and effortless as a sunny day. Step into braid season dressed from top to tip, and let us help you keep those braids looking spectacular. Here’s to a season of beautiful, worry-free braids! 🤸🏽♀️

Wishing you a fabulous and fuss-free braids season.

Rain or shine,
Founder, Hairbrella

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