How My Trip to the Bahamas Turned into an Ultimate Hat Test ☀️

How My Trip to the Bahamas Turned into an Ultimate Hat Test ☀️

Hey Hairbrella Fam

Happy Founder Friday! ☀️

Summer is in full swing, and I just got back from a mesmerizing vacation in the Bahamas at Baha Mar.

I was there celebrating a monumental occasion – the 40th birthday of my dear friend, mentor and huge Hairbrella supporter, Labriah Lee. And oh, the relaxation vibes on the beach were surreal and much needed!

However, the Bahamas introduced me to an intensity of sun I've never quite experienced 🥵👀.

Historically, I'm that person soaking up rays without a fuss, often just relying on my trusty shades or a casual baseball cap.

But the Bahamian sun? It was on another level.

Thank goodness I had packed my Hairbrella sun hat (though, between us, it was initially more for the aesthetic and photos 😉). However, it quickly became my beach savior.

It felt like I was putting our Hairbrella Sun Hat through the ultimate test.

And let me tell you, it passed with flying colors! Here's a quick breakdown of what made it stand out during this trip:

  1. Ventilated Satin Lining: Revolutionary in design, our ventilated satin lining ensures hair protection without trapping heat. With my knotless braids, when I removed my hat after a day in the sun, it was as if they'd been snug inside a silk bonnet all day. Pure magic!
  2. Waterproofing: Jumping into the water without worrying about a soggy hat? Yes, please! Hanging out  in the water was the best way to cool off and doing so without worrying about my hat getting soaked truly made it my  beach bestie! I'm never going to the beach without it!
  3. UV Protection: Honestly, without the UPF 50+ protection, I doubt I could have enjoyed the beach as much. The sun felt bearable under the hat, even when everything else was scorching. It truly repels the heat!
  4. Adjustability: If you've ever lost a hat on a boat trip, you get it. Thankfully, our sun hat's chin toggle and adjustable crown ensured it stayed put! It is truly worry-free protection!
    One of my fav founder friends Christian Zimmerman sent this to me on his vacation. Had to send him the Boonie for the next trip. 😅
  5. Extended Brim: Because sometimes, you want to take in the beach's beauty without the shade of sunglasses. This brim was my hero. (I'm also learning to take better care of my skin and sun screen isn't always enough!)
A nod to one of my corporate law buddies who texted me just this morning echoing these sentiments – it truly is a game-changer.

Your stories and experiences with Hairbrella mean the world to me. So, while you're out there making memories, don't forget to snap a photo and share with #hairbrella.

Your feedback helps us innovate and cater to all your needs, regardless of the forecast! ☀️☔️🏝

And if the Hairbrella Sun Hat isn't in your summer arsenal, now's the time.

Our 20% off summer sale [Code: SUMMER20] wraps up this weekend!

Cheers to the weekend and to staying polished, protected, and prepared, come rain or shine!

Tracey 💛


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