Different Types of Women's Hats to Know About

Hats always seem like a remarkable fashion statement, and if carried out wisely they can make you stand out of the crowd. Women can accessorize their looks with different types of hats in summers and rain as well. Here we are with different types of women’s hats that women can wear while going out.

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The Sun Visor

A sun visor hat is created to have the protection against the sun. It performs just like a visor you see in your car. The varieties can be different, and some visors can also protect your side face from the sun.

The visor comes adjustable using the strip in the back, and it also keeps your hairstyle clean.

It is a complete protection to your eyes as well.

The top of your head stays cool and sweat less. However, not covering your head top makes it prone to sunburn.

The Billed Cap

The billed cap keeps your face secured against sun plus shades your eyes.

Unlike, a visor, the cap protects your overall head against different factors like sun, wind, and rain.

As it covers the top of the head, you can feel it sweaty there. But as these are sweat-wicking and breathable, these caps are best for summers.

Different caps come with various add-ons such as the hole for your ponytail, adjusting string, etc.

Rain Hats

Women's rain hats are extremely useful in the rainy season for women who are conscious about their hair health.

A hair hat is made of waterproof material that goes behind your neck and protects the head completely.

The strip keeps it tight and in place.

The satin lining acts very softly against your hair and protects your hairdo.

These rain hats can be preferred for both women and kids as per their size and take no hassle in monsoon.

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Sun Hats

This is a typical sun hat that covers the overall head while having shade on your eyes.

It can be a great choice in summers that keep the head, face, and neck covered from the sunrays.

They protect your face, neck, and head from the sun and heat and prevent red neck.

A sun hat can be bought with a strip that keeps it in place even in the windy aura.

The disadvantage is you have to repeat the hairstyle as it can mess with your hairdo.

If you prefer wearing headphones, then you have to be disappointed as the hat does not feel comfy.


These are some of the types of hats that women prefer to buy. Hats in summer are always trendy, but they are equally essential in the rain as well. Buying women’s hats for rain can keep you hassle-free by keeping your hair dry and safe along with managing your hairstyle.

Different Types of Women's Hats to Know About
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