A very special Siblings Day, celebrating my forever fav! 👯‍♀️

A very special Siblings Day, celebrating my forever fav! 👯‍♀️

Hey Hairbrella Fam,

Guess what day it is? National Siblings Day! 🥳 And in the spirit of sibling love (and the occasional rivalry), I'm tipping my hat (or should I say, my Hairbrella) to my sister, Ashlee. She's been my rock from the get-go, helping turn the Hairbrella dream into reality, starring in our wildest ad concepts, and even becoming the face you've probably double-tapped on in our review videos. She's the real MVP!
Now, let me share a little cosmic giggle with you. Exactly a week ago, I was on "Auntiti" duty, welcoming my nephew, Pat Dean Dixon IV, into the world. But here's the kicker - a month before we knew about his grand entrance, I heard a voice that said that Ash was expecting. I kept it under wraps, not wanting to alarm her, and wrote it in my phone notes and screenshot it for proof. Lo and behold, she announced her pregnancy in a hilarious reveal video a month later. Talk about sibling ESP!
Fast forward to now, and I'm knee-deep in auntie duties (and loving every second). Our Hairbrella satin-lined bandanas have been a lifesaver for those late-night cuddles and early morning wake-up calls. Who knew they'd be just as essential for baby duty as they are for rain protection?
So, here's to the siblings who've been our first friend, who've shared in our dreams, and who've never let us walk out in the rain without protection - metaphorically and literally.
And because no sibling celebration is complete without a little gift, I'm throwing in a promo code for good measure. Use SIBLINGSHINE at checkout for a cheeky 20% off your next Hairbrella. Because nothing says "I love you" like ensuring your sibling never has a bad hair day again, right?

Here's to the adventures, the laughs, and the shared Hairbrella moments ahead.

Tracey Pickett Founder,
Hairbrella Sister, Aunt, Serial Entrepreneur

P.S. Let's make this National Siblings Day one for the books. Share your most hilarious, heartwarming, or downright heroic sibling stories with us. Tag @Hairbrella and use #SiblingShine. Let's show the world what sibling love looks like, rain or shine!🌦️

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