Behind the Scenes: Crafting Your Perfect Rain Jacket ūüé¨

Behind the Scenes: Crafting Your Perfect Rain Jacket ūüé¨

Hello Hairbrella Family,

Happy Founder Friday! I hope April is unfolding beautifully for you, full of promise and a little spring rain magic. Isn't it funny¬†how quickly the months are flying by?¬†ūüĎÄ This year is certainly moving along like it has somewhere to be. But I digress...

So, here's a fun twist for you: my journey for Hairbrella started with my frustration with Atlanta weather. It would rain literally every time I went to the salon. It is so funny how the stuff we try to avoid (hello, rain!) ends up sparking the best ideas. From finding ways to keep your hair safe from pool water (another big frustration growing up) to protecting our hair under the summer sun, we've been on quite the adventure.

But let's dive into the heart of today's chat: the birth of our rain jacket. This wasn't just another product launch; it was a labor of love, driven by your feedback and our relentless pursuit of innovation.

From Lawyer to Rainwear Innovator

Yes, my background is in law, but it's your voices that schooled me in the art of design.¬†We nailed the hair protection game,¬†but then I saw you, our fabulous community, trying to match our top-notch rain hats with just any jacket. ūü•ī It was like pairing a gourmet burger with plain old store-bought buns - a no-go! (Sorry for the weak analogy, but you get my point lol). You deserved the real deal!

That's when the lightbulb went off: why not craft a rain jacket that's as fierce against the storm as it is fierce in fashion? And just like that, our mission to create the ultimate rain jacket began.

The Quest for the Perfect Rain Jacket

Embarking on this mission, I found myself analyzing rain jackets from every possible angle. I spent hours at outdoor stores, trying on jacket after jacket, much to the curiosity of the staff.

 My goal?

  1. Understand what made the best of the best in functionality

  2. Understand what made the best of the best in style

  3. Marry them together for the ultimate rain jacket.

 Armed with insights, I reached out to Tony, my friend and trusted Manufacturing Director. We were on a mission to not just create but innovate. The result? A trip to China, where we worked hand-in-hand with one of the industry's best technical designers, right on the factory floor.

Creating the Magic Together

The process was intense, filled with debates, epiphanies, countless tweaks, all fueled by a shared vision of bringing you something unique. Here's a little glimpse into our world during our late nights in Suxhou. I loved every minute of it!

And the feedback from those who've embraced our creation has been nothing short of amazing. Here's what one of our first customers had to say:

We are so extremely excited about the rain jacket and I know you are going to absolutely love it! It is truly a new Hairbrella staple and one of my favorite innovations to date.

Before we sign off, here's a little sunshine through the clouds: our Spring Kickoff Sale is blooming just for you! Whether you're a seasoned Hairbrella aficionado or just joining our stylish storm brigade, we're showering everyone with 20% off this weekend. It's our way of saying thanks and welcoming the season of renewal together. Don't let this deal float away!

Promo Code: SPRING20

Rain or shine, we've got you covered,


Founder and CEO of Hairbrella

P.S. Be sure to tag us in your rain jacket adventures. Let's spread the joy of forecast freedom to all! ūüƶԳŹūüíĖ










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