Simple Ways to Protect Your Hair and Look Stylish Rain or Shine

A great hairstyle is a wonderful thing. Not only does it add to your overall look, but it can make you feel amazing and boost your confidence sky high. You know how it feels when you’ve been to the salon or is getting ready for a date and you managed to style your hair just right….you feel sexy, confident and ready to take on the world.

So how can you protect your hair and keep that fabulous hairstyle intact when the weather threatens to ruin it?

First, we will look into how different weather can affect your hair. Then we will explore what measures you can take to protect your hair and continue staying and looking stylish, rain or shine.

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How the Climate Affects Your Hair

Hair is made up of keratin proteins with disulfide bonds and hydrogen bonds. Disulfide bonds are extremely strong chemical bonds that maintain the strength and flexibility of hair strands. It is the hydrogen bonds that are affected by the environment. These are temporary bonds that can be broken by heat or water.

The breaking of hydrogen bonds and swelling of hair changes its molecular structure. This then leads to the bending and twisting of the strands. Which is why curly hair tends to curl more and straightened hair returns to its natural curly or wavy state.

Therefore, to keep your hair healthy and in good condition, it is best to protect it as much as you can from environmental damage.

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Ways to Protect Your Hair

There are several simple ways you can protect your hair. Wearing hats to cover your head can keep hair dry in wet weather and shaded from the sun. Other ways to provide protection from environmental damage include using styling products and hairstyles to minimize the effects of moisture on your hair.

Accessorize with A Hat

Hats are a timeless fashion item that has been worn throughout history. A versatile accessory with many different designs and styles. They serve both functional and fashionable purposes. They are commonly worn during sports and outdoor activities to protect people from the sun or rain. They are also used in some uniforms and more recently as a fashion accessory to add a touch of style to outfits.

From classic designs to modern stylish rain hats there is a multitude of different shapes and styles of hats to choose from. Sun hats with large brims shade your face and hair from the sun and are a popular beach accessory for women. Baseball caps have long been used in sports as sun protection. For rainy days there are various choices for women’s waterproof rain hats offering different levels of protection and style.

Rain Hats

With contemporary materials and designs, many classic hat styles can be made using waterproof or weather resistant materials. Thus, sporting a fedora, a baseball cap or whichever design you prefer can help protect your hair from the rain. The market is full of different options from the high street shops to online women’s rain hat suppliers. You are spoilt for choice.

Cloche hats and bucket hats are fashionable designs that lend themselves to being used as rain hats. The rounded shape and small slightly flared brim cover your head and direct rain away from your face. There are a variety of versions of these, made with waterproof fabrics. With lots of choices of color and detailing you will have no trouble finding one to suit every occasion.

Another lightweight waterproof rain hat is the hairbrella rain hat. This modern hat is also compact, packing down into its own hidden pocket for easy storage. The hairbrella hat is specifically designed to protect women’s hair from both rain and humidity. It is completely waterproof with an outer fabric of DWR treated microfibre and a clear PVC visor to keep the rain off your face.

Other features of the design include an adjustable headband for the perfect fit and a satin lined cap. The satin lining helps stop your hair from drying out and keeps it soft and moisturized. The cap is designed to accommodate all hair types including large voluminous curls and blowouts.

This unique design allows you to completely insulate your hair inside the cap so that it stays dry and protected from all weather. Meaning you can also maintain your hairstyle and not have to worry about frizz or flattening your curls.

Rain Bonnets

Rain bonnets are associated with the vintage style. Women are often seen wearing simple plastic versions, that they pull out from their handbags if it starts to rain. Made of clear plastic they are designed to go over your head and tie under your chin to protect your hair from the rain. Today you can find vintage plastic bonnets or more contemporary designer ones. Some of the more structured versions also have a protruding visor to help protect your face from the rain.

Whichever style you choose, accessorizing with a hat will not only help keep your hair protected but also add a stylish touch to your outfit. The versatile accessory can add charm and enhance your whole look.

Aside from wearing a rain hat or bonnet to keep the rain off there are other ways you can protect your hair.

Protect Your Hair with Nourishing and Anti-Humidity Hair Products

There are many products on the market designed to protect hair from humidity and moisture. Individual products are designed for different hair types. However, there is some general advice to help protect your hair whatever style you have.

The condition of your hair is very important. Dry damaged hair is more porous and coarse in texture. A consequence of this is that it will absorb more water from the atmosphere. This increased absorption of water intensifies the effects of frizz and hair strands swelling up. Keeping your hair healthy, hydrated and moisturized so the cuticle is soft and smooth will help reduce frizz and other effects.

Conditioning is key to help hair lock in moisture and stay hydrated. Avoid using a sulfate-based shampoo and conditioner as these can strip your hair of moisture. Adding a weekly deep conditioner treatment to your hair care routine can be beneficial and will help your hair stay healthy.

Leave in conditioner and anti-frizz serums can help keep hair moisturized. Applying defining gels and serums to damp hair will lock in moisture and create a barrier between your hair and the humidity in the air. They can also stop flyaways and keep your style sleek.

Anti-humidity and climate control hairsprays have been developed specifically for protecting your hair from the effects of humidity. They create a barrier for moisture to prevent humidity causing changes to your hairstyle. Spraying your hair before venturing out in wet weather can help control flyaways and keep your hairstyle intact.

Curly Hair

In wet weather, avoid straightening your hair if it is wavy or curly. Water will return your hair to its natural state. So, if you have natural curls, spending time and effort on straightening your hair will be wasted if it gets wet in the rain. Even just exposed to humidity curly hair is likely to curl more and be prone to frizz. It would be simpler to rock a more natural style as this will hold up better in humid, wet weather.

Fine Hair

Be careful with the amount of product you use and the type that it is. Fine hair can be prone to flyaways and also easily falls flat. Anti-frizz and volumizing products can be helpful when styling your hair but too much can weigh it down. Be careful not to overload your hair. Using lightweight products designed for fine hair will help you protect your style and add volume without weighing hair down.

Styling Tips and Stress-Free Hairstyles

Brushing and Drying Your Hair

When your hair's wet the strands are weaker and more susceptible to breaking. If your hair does get wet in an unexpected downpour it is best to leave it loose rather than tying it back as that can lead to more damage. Using a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush on wet hair is advisable and will be gentler on your hair. These combs are also great for curly hair as they will detangle your hair and reduce frizz. Brushes can cause friction and increase frizz.

It is important to dry your hair as soon as you can, however, be careful if using a towel. An anti-frizz cloth or microfiber towel is much better. Just gently squeeze hair to remove excess water rather than rubbing. Using a normal towel to rub your hair can create tangles and break weakened strands.


Rainy days can be a nightmare when deciding how to style your hair. If you know you are likely to be out in the rain, there are several go-to hairstyles that will help keep you looking polished and stylish all day.

It is a good idea to keep hair up. Voluminous curls textured loose styles, and long flowing locks are likely to get wet, and go flat with the weight of extra water or turn frizzy. Sleek styles will have fewer flyaways that can turn into frizz. You can use hairspray to flatten down flyaways and create a sleek polished look that will hold up even if it gets wet.

Ponytails are a simple go-to style for rainy days. Great for sports and casual situations this simple style can also be ‘dressed up’ to look professional and fashion-forward.

Buns and top knots are great hairstyles for long hair. They will hold up and look elegant even in wet weather. It is best to keep the styles sleek and smooth to prevent frizz.

Braids are a chic, fashionable style that will look great and keep your hair sleek and stylish. There are many variations of this style to choose from and you can easily put your own twist on each.

For curly hair, pinning your hair up or styles such as the French twist can be a great solution that will not loosen or crush your natural curl. You can also easily shake it out if you want to let your hair down, once inside.

Should you prefer to leave your hair down, this is also always an option. It would be best to make sure hair is totally dry before going out. As any, even slightly, damp hair will be more prone to frizz or puffiness. Finishing with an anti-humidity spray will help protect your hair from humidity and help it prolong the style.


Adding a scarf or headband to your look will add style and color. It also helps lock down flyaways, reducing frizz. If you have curly hair a simple trick of wrapping your curls around a headband will keep them up and retain the shape of the curls. This way you can keep your hair dry whilst outside. Then when you take off the headband, your curls will still be beautiful and defined, keeping your hairstyle looking great.


Everyone wants to look good. Women especially, tend to spend a lot of time and money in salons. They go to great lengths to prep and style their hair. A great hairstyle can boost your confidence and enhance your look so it’s only natural that you want to keep it looking great for as long as possible. This is not always easy though. Protecting your hairstyle in an unpredictable climate is an issue for many women with all different hair types.

Fortunately, there are several simple ways you can protect your hair and maintain a stylish, polished look. Accessorizing with a hat will help keep your hair protected from the sun and dry in wet weather. Other accessories such as scarves or bonnets can be carried as a precaution and used to keep hair dry in the rain. There are also many different hair styling products available. Each designed specifically to help women with all hair types and control the effects of humidity on their hair.

You are sure to find a solution or combination of solutions that suit your particular needs. There is no need to worry. With these simple steps, you CAN protect your hair and remain stylish whatever the weather brings, rain or shine.

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