Do you remember going to the hair salon as a child? The buzz of girl talk and hairspray filled the air with a soft haze of enchantment. When It was my turn, I would climb into my stylist’s chair and watch the mirror closely as she worked her magic.

Her art was time-consuming but worth every minute. When she was done with her masterpiece, she’d pass the hand mirror to me for a closer look. My eyes would light up at the sight of the finished product but my daze would soon after be broken by a roll of thunder.

From knee high to high school, this plot twist became a natural occurrence and nothing I tried would stop my hair from being ruined. This trend continued through undergrad, law school, and to the boardroom of the Fortune 500 company I worked at as an IP attorney.

After countless attempts using plastic bonnets, shower caps, and grocery store bags, I asked myself, “If an umbrella protects your body from the rain, what protects your hair”?

We all know that an umbrella can stop a downpour from drenching your ‘do but frizz-causing humidity is a much more formidable opponent. I believe that women are natural-born innovators so I took matters in to my own hands. After years of development, Hairbrella was born, throwing out the old options and introducing “the rain hat reinvented”.

I’m just like you. I pride myself on being prepared and persistent. We power through the day dodging obstacles at every turn and never take no for an answer. We are super heroes in high heels and it’s my hope that Hairbrella can become a part of your daily arsenal. A secret weapon that protects your hair and keeps your style intact. We may not be able to stop the rain but we can stop the rain from stopping you!

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