🎈 Soar to New Heights This National Hot Air Balloon Day with Hairbrella! 🌅

🎈 Soar to New Heights This National Hot Air Balloon Day with Hairbrella! 🌅

Hi Hairbrella Family,

Happy National Hot Air Balloon Day! I know what you're thinking—there's a day for everything now, isn't there? Well, believe it or not, today is all about celebrating those colorful giants in the sky. And since it's such a unique occasion, I can't resist sharing a little adventure that perfectly showcases how Hairbrella has been empowering adventures in ways I never even anticipated.

A while back, I found myself in the stunning expanses of the Masai Mara on a safari adventure, which included a hot air balloon ride—a first for me! As the founder who's always testing our products in new scenarios, I thought I knew all the ways Hairbrella could come in handy. Yet, I'm constantly amazed at the situations where I find myself thinking, "What did we ever do without Hairbrella?"

Here’s a quick guide to making the most of your first hot air balloon experience, should you find yourself floating towards the clouds:
  • ☀️ Early Riser: We set off at 5 AM to the launch site to catch the majestic sunrise. Trust me, it’s worth every second of lost sleep.
  • ⛑️ Safety First: Pay close attention to all instructions, especially those about landing—it’s crucial for ensuring a smooth experience.
  • 🔥 Close Encounters: The process of getting into the balloon was more awkward than I anticipated. We were pre-loaded into the basket on its side while the balloon was being blown up. The fire from the burner was mighty close, just a few feet above my head, but to my surprise, the heat was barely noticeable. I know our UPF 50+ fabric is great at blocking UV rays, but I was genuinely shocked at how effectively it shielded me from the heat of the flames.

  • Layer Up: The weather is fickle at dawn and can change rapidly in the air. Wearing layers and packing versatile gear like our Hairbrella Sun Hat (which dubs as a rain hat) is essential. From a drizzly morning walk to a chilly ride in the safari truck, followed by a windy takeoff, our gear kept up every step of the way.


The sun hat turned out to be the perfect companion for each phase of the journey. After floating serene and sunny skies (it was truly unreal how peaceful and smooth the ride was), we touched down for a game ride through the Masai Mara, rounding off the excursion with a picturesque brunch where we snapped photos and enjoyed some well-deserved treats.

Reflecting on this journey, I almost left the sun hat behind, thinking it wouldn’t be necessary. But just like every product we create at Hairbrella, it proved essential in ways I hadn’t imagined. This adventure reminded me of why we do what we do—creating versatile, stylish products that support your adventures, whether you're running through raindrops or soaring above the savannah.

To celebrate this spirit of adventure, we're offering a special $10 discount on our sun hats today only! Use code HOTAIR10 at checkout and be ready for wherever your adventures take you.

Thank you for being a part of our community and joining us on this incredible journey. Here's to many more adventures together, supported by Hairbrella. Happy ballooning!

Skyward and onward,
Tracey Pickett Founder, Hairbrella


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