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Hairbrella Satin Lined, Waterproof Infinity Rain Scarf - Bundle (Buy 5, Get 1 Free)

Hairbrella Satin Lined, Waterproof Infinity Rain Scarf - Bundle (Buy 5, Get 1 Free)

$295.00 USD
$295.00 USD $354.00 USD
Color Black (6)
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Not your average infinity scarf. ✨

Whether you're dashing through the snow to work, heading out for a weekend brunch, the Hairbrella Infinity Rain Scarf is the perfect companion. 

Why settle for just warmth when you can have it all?


Dive into the plush comfort of our satin-lined interior. Not only does it pamper your hair with a smooth touch, preventing breakage and frizz, but it also adds an extra layer of warmth, making those chilly days feel a tad cozier.


Why buy a scarf and a hood separately when you can have both in one? Transition from a chic, around-the-neck scarf to a protective hood in seconds! Perfect for unexpected weather shifts and for those who love flexibility in their fashion.


Crafted with premium, weather-resistant materials, this scarf stands as your personal shield against the biting cold. Its snug fit and insulating fabric ensure that warmth stays in, and cold stays out.


We understand the struggle of maintaining perfect hair in winter. Our scarf is designed to protect your hair from the elements, preserving your hairstyle and keeping your locks luscious and hydrated.


Merging functionality with fashion, this infinity scarf is not just a winter necessity; it's a style statement. Available in a range of colors, it complements any outfit, whether you're aiming for a casual look or dressing up for a night out.

Don't let winter dull your sparkle. Wrap yourself in the warmth and style of the Hairbrella Winter Infinity Scarf and step out with confidence, no matter the weather!


Care Instructions - Hand Wash & Hang Dry

Ships 1 -2 Business Day via USPS