🌞 Unstoppable Summer Sweepstakes: Tracey's Top Picks for Epic Adventures! 🏖️

🌞 Unstoppable Summer Sweepstakes: Tracey's Top Picks for Epic Adventures! 🏖️

Hi Hairbrella Family!

Happy Founder Friday! Last week, we kicked off something super exciting—our Unstoppable Summer Sweepstakes —and I'm super excited! It's all about empowering you to enjoy an unstoppable summer, filled with adventure, fun, and, of course, fabulous prizes.

Why We’re Doing This

Our mission has always been to keep you polished, prepared, and protected, no matter the forecast. This summer, we want to see you shine, unleashing your unstoppable spirit and enjoying life to the fullest! That’s why each week, we’ll unveil winners right here in our Founder Friday emails (so keep your eyes peeled!).

Tracey's Summer Essentials: Why I Love These!

Let’s talk about the goodies, shall we? I’ve handpicked each prize, sharing with you some of my absolute must-haves for summer adventures:

  1. Hairbrella’s Summer Essentials - It’s giveaway galore with our beloved summer collection! From the world's first, adjustable, waterproof, satin-lined Swim Cap (say goodbye to missed pool times!) to our stylish, satin-lined, UPF 50+ and waterproof sun hats, bandanas, and bucket hats. Each piece is crafted to keep you chic and dry, making every summer moment is more relaxed and enjoyable.

  1. GoPro Hero - As a certified water baby, my GoPro Hero is my trusty sidekick on all aquatic escapades. Whether diving under waves or kayaking through rivers, this gadget captures it all, making sure every thrilling moment is yours to keep (and post!).
Footage I personally shot with my Go-Pro during a Hairbrella Shoot!
  1. On Clouds Walking/Hiking Shoes - My friends have heard me rave about these shoes endlessly (and they're a staple bday gift ATP)! They are part of my "Founder Uniform"  (there's something about building Hairbrella and wearing "On Clouds" that just feels...right. 🥰).
    Perfect for virtually any activity—from sprinting at the airport to exploring ancient ruins in Tulum—these shoes make every step feel like you’re literally walking on clouds.

  1. JBL Waterproof Speaker - What’s a beach day without your favorite tunes? Compact yet powerful, my JBL Waterproof Speaker brings the party wherever I go. Sand, water, or heat, nothing dims its vibe, ensuring your summer soundtrack is always on point.

Stay Tuned & Get Involved!

Excited yet? There’s more where that came from, with even bigger surprises awaiting! Already, over 1000 of you have joined the fun, and our first prize announcement is just around the corner. Don’t miss out—make sure you’re in it to win it!

Here’s How You Can Win

We’re thrilled to keep you covered and amped up for an unforgettable summer. Remember, whether you’re hitting the beach, trekking through nature, or just enjoying a backyard BBQ, with Hairbrella, you’re always ready for adventure.🤸🏽♀️💦

Stay unstoppable,


P.S. Don't forget to join our Facebook Community for more updates and extra chances to win. Let’s make this a summer to remember!


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